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Issues With Uniform Sizes

By LMS, 05/03/16, 1:00PM EDT


In regards to the issues with uniform sizing being small, this is where we're at:

The U5 & U7 division uniforms are provided by Tim Hortons corporate headquarters. We simply provide them with the age groups, team count and players per team. All the sizes we receive are controlled by them and whatever sizing formulas they use are the same for the hundreds of organizations they supply in Canada. In years past, the ordering was done by LMS, but Tim Hortons changed their sponsorship process this year so they have control of it. We are having discussions with Tim Hortons' supplier in an attempt to rectify the sizing issues. Given that the lead time to get these new shirts may be longer than the season we play, the inventory levels of the supplier may dictate whether or not we will be able to do something.

Also of note in these two divisions is that the screen printing of the logos on the jerseys was also done by Tim Hortons. Where as in years pasts LMS did this and put "Timbits" on the U5 and "Tim Hortons" on the U7, the new process doesn't do this. ALL the jerseys for both divisions say Tim Hortons on the front and Timbits on the back. The uniform sets handed out were clearly labelled for us as belonging to U5 or U7, so each team got exactly what Tim Hortons provided and intended.

For the U9 divisions and above, the uniform ordering was still handled by LMS and all sizing was based on the manufacturer recommendations for the various age groups. That recommendation has obviously run towards the small side of the sizing scale and we're currently discussing with the supplier what, if anything, can be done about it. Much like the divisions above, the lead time to receive new shirts may be longer than the season we play. Depending on the inventory levels of the supplier we may or may not be able to do something.

We're hoping to get an answer for both scenarios very soon. If something can be done, that information will be communicated out to each team individually through the coaches.

Your understanding in this matter is appreciated.