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Are the LMS House League Games Canceled?

If you were wondering if today's games are being canceled, that decision will be made before 4 PM and posted here on our website.  Soccer can be played in the rain, so please do not assume games are cancelled because it is raining. We look at other safety considerations before cancelling: Are the fields in a playable state? Is there standing water on the pitch? Can players play safely without a higher risk of injury? Is there a threat of lightning during the games? Upon arrival, can spectators safely walk to fields to watch the games?   

Having said this, we will post all updates on this website as soon as we know of any cancelations. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we begin the 2024 season.

LMS Philosophy Reminder

As the 2024 house league season gets into full swing, it is important for players, coaches and spectators to reflect on the fact that we are an organization that preaches fun and sportsmanship at the recreational level. LMS hopes that all players develop their soccer skills while understanding that winning is not the only goal.

Spectators can do their their part by cheering in a positive manner. In fact, if spectators cheered for all players on both teams, they would set a positive tone that the young players would build on. All players would hear positive cheering and develop their confidence in a welcoming and positive environment.

Coaches can teach their players to improve their individual soccer skills and understand the positions on the field. At the same time, they have an opportunity to teach young players compassion for their opponent. I applaud the coaches who are already doing this by putting their best scorer on defense, telling players to make 5 passes before trying to score or by teaching them to help an opponent up, who may have fallen.

Players can quickly determine if they are faster or slower than others or if they can kick the ball further or harder, but can they keep things in perspective? A 4-0 win is just as good as a 9-0 win, except a 9-0 win demoralizes their opponents? That is our job as adults to teach their players compassion! As players get older and begin to better understand the game of soccer, we would hope, as adults and role models, that they have not only improved their skills, but increased their compassion and respect for all players, coaches, spectators, officials and the game of recreational soccer. These are qualities of good citizenship on and off the field that I hope we want for everyone!

Let's continue to move forward in this goal as we play through the months of May and June and head toward our June 23rd Windup Day! Thank you to all of you for doing your part!

Yours In Sport


Parents and Spectators

With so many spectators out at the fields, please remember our LMS Code of Conduct:

1) All parents and spectators should watch from the sideline and not from the end line (behind the goal) of the field.

2) Only the coaches should coach. Your job as a spectator is to cheer in a positive manner.

3) LMS promotes recreational soccer, not competitive soccer. Please know that we value fun and exercise over wins and losses. If players want a more competitive team, they can try out for the sun county teams.

4) Please be aware that smoking/vaping is only allowed in the parking lot. If there is grass under your feet, do not smoke or vape please. Besides, it is a bad example for children.

5) The canteen opens daily at 5:30PM and closes after the last game is complete. If you forget a drink or need a snack, please drop in the canteen. We are cash only!

LMS Canteen News!

We are pleased to announce that the LMS Canteen is open Monday to Thursday during the season, Kick-Off Day and Wind-Up Day. Stop in and buy a snack, a hotdog, a cold drink or some ice cream. We are trying some new product this year: popcorn and cotton candy!

All proceeds go to offsetting costs for Leamington Minor Soccer players and families.  Please note that, at this time, we are CASH ONLY. 


2024 Registration

Registration is closed.  If you would like to inquire if there is a space for your desired division, please email and we will provide you with the registration link if space is available.

Leamington Minor Soccer has seen a significant growth in enjoyment and development for girls playing recreational soccer. As a result, Leamington Minor Soccer will be creating more balanced age groups for girls, similar to the boys, so that they can continue to grow and enjoy the game with other girls closer to their age.

Starting in our 2024 season, we will be registering and running girls' teams in the following age groups: U7 GirlsU9 Girls (new!!), U11 Girls (new!!) and U13 Girls. Our U10 Girls age group will be eliminated and our U13 Girls age group will continue with only 11 and 12 year old girls. U5 and U18 age groups will continue to be Coed.

We will be updating our website to reflect these changes so that we are ready when 2024 registration opens!!

Important dates:

  • Online Registration runs January 8 - March 18
    • After March 18,  spaces will be limited as team sizes will be set in so that uniforms can be ordered
  • All registration sessions have ended! If you wish to register your child for the 2024 season, please email us asap at!
  • Coaches Meeting Wednesday, April 10 - Done!
  • Kick off Saturday, April 27 - Fields Unplayable
  • Weekly games April 29 - June 20
  • Wrap Up Sunday June 23

2024 Playing Nights

The following playing nights have been planned for the 2024 house league season. Please note that this may change depending on field availability or low numbers of players registered in a division:

               Mondays: U5 (Coed), U11 Boys and U11 Girls

               Tuesdays: U7 Boys, U7 Girls and U15/U18 (Coed)

               Wednesdays: U9 Boys and U9 Girls

               Thursdays: U13 Boys and U13 Girls


Divisions are based on birth year:

Birth Year
Regular Game Night
U5 Co-Ed 2019-2020 Mondays
U15 Co-Ed 2009-2010 Tuesday
U18 Co-Ed 2006-2008 Tuesday
U7 Boys 2017-2018 Tuesday
U9 Boys 2015-2016 Wednesday
U11 Boys 2013-2014 Monday
U13 Boys 2011-2012 Thursday
U7 Girls 2017-2018 Tuesday
U9 Girls 2015-2016 Wednesday
U11 Girls 2013-2014 Monday
U13 Girls 2011-2012 Thursday

Game times: U5 6:00PM, U7-U18 6:00 or 7:00 Start time

Referee Clinics

Are you interested in being a referee or an assistant referee for Sun County? Please email Frank Rodrigues at for information about referee clinics.

2023 LMS AGM Minutes

2023 LMS AGM Minutes

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